About Yellow Ribbon Project

The Yellow Ribbon Project is a national campaign aimed at giving ex-offenders a second chance in life.

Every year, more than 9,000 ex-offenders complete their imprisonment. However, once released, many find themselves stepping into a second prison; a prison with invisible bars – suspicion, mistrust and discrimination. The stigma against ex-offenders can often be more punishing than the prison sentence itself.

The best rehabilitation regime is of little use if ex-offenders find themselves rejected at every turn when they are released into the larger community. Through the Yellow Ribbon Project, we hope to promote a more accepting society – one that is willing to give ex-offenders a second chance at making good.

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Yellow Ribbon Fund

Yellow Ribbon Fund is the first national charitable fund that seeks to raise funds for programmes and services to rehabilitate and reintegrate ex-offenders back into society. It administers funding to the development and implementation of reintegration programmes to strengthen family ties of inmates and ex-offenders.

Since its inception, the Yellow Ribbon Fund has disbursed a total of $17 million to assist 54,000 beneficiaries. The funds are channelled towards programmes and services that help reconcile inmates and ex-offenders with their families, provide emergency financial assistance, training and education and other rehabilitative programmes to support ex-offenders in their re-entry into society.

Your generous donation to the Yellow Ribbon Fund will go a long way to help fund rehabilitative and aftercare programmes, which are the supporting mechanisms to facilitate the reintegration of an individual back to the community and his/her family. There are various ways to donate to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. Click here to find out more.

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