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A Yellow Ribbon represents acceptance, forgiveness and second chances.
This year, we are encouraging everyone to run in the shape of a Yellow Ribbon to pledge your support.

Registration Period
21 August 2021 - 30 September 2021
Run Period
1 September 2021 - 30 September 2021

Run Categories

This year, the Yellow Ribbon Run is back with 2 categories for you to support this meaningful cause. At $15/pax, you can participate in the virtual run as an individual. Alternatively, you can get 4 other friends to register together to enjoy a group discount.*

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Category YR Inspire YR Challenge
Requirement Complete at least 1 run/walk/hike of any distance in the shape of a Yellow Ribbon in a single activity within the run period. To show your support, you may submit as many Yellow Ribbon routes as you want! You may opt to complete the 60km in 1 giant Yellow Ribbon route or accumulate the distance with up to 5 runs/walks/hikes. Every run/walk/hike should be in the shape of a Yellow Ribbon.
What is the Significance of a Yellow Ribbon Route?

A Yellow Ribbon symbolises acceptance, forgiveness and second chances. When you run/walk/hike in the shape of a Yellow Ribbon, you are joining others in raising awareness for second chances.

With Yellow Ribbons being formed across the country, you will be able to send a signal to those in need that no matter where they are, there is always someone nearby who is willing to give them a second chance.

Every Yellow Ribbon route you complete raises $10 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund! Each participant may raise up to $50. Help us hit our target of raising $100,000 to support reintegration efforts for ex-offenders and their families.
Why 60km for YR Challenge and why is it only capped to 5 submissions?

Studies have shown that when an ex-offender stays crime-free for the first 60 months (5 years) upon release, his/her chances of re-offending will be greatly reduced. Hence, every run/walk/hike you clock symbolises your support towards a successful milestone of an ex-offender’s reintegration journey.

You play an important role. Do share your Yellow Ribbon art map with others (after outlining the route in yellow) and raise awareness on the importance of giving second chances.

Sample of Yellow Ribbon Routes

*Group Sign-Up
Sign up with 4 other friends and be entitled to a group discount of $2 per pax!
  1. Assign 1 of the 5 group members to be the “Leader of a New Group”
  2. Once the “Leader of a New Group” registers and pays $65, he/she will generate a unique code for the rest of the 4 members.
  3. The other 4 members may now use the unique code and sign up as “Member of Existing Group”. No payment is required from the other 4 members.

Run Entitlements

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Delivery of Run Entitlements

Yellow Ribbon Virtual Run 2021 entitlements will be mailed out individually to your mailing address provided during registration by end October 2021. For deliveries outside Singapore, please note that additional delivery charges may apply and the delivery date is subjected to international shipping timeline.

For enquiries, please email to [email protected].

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