Updated on 18 August 2021
Overview Questions

The Yellow Ribbon Run is a key event of the Yellow Ribbon Project, a national campaign aimed at giving ex-offenders a second chance in life. This year, the run is back after a year-long hiatus with a virtual edition to showcase that community support transcends physical boundaries.

The theme for this year’s inaugural virtual run is Challenge YRSelf & Inspire Second Chances. It is a call to challenge our limits as a show of support for ex-offenders and inspire second chances, lending them a hand in their reintegration journey.
A Virtual Run allows you to participate any time and at any place at your convenience during the stipulated run period (1 to 30 September 2021). All you need to do is track the date, distance and duration of your run/walk/hike using a GPS-enabled app, e.g. Strava, during the run period.
YRVR 2021 will take place over a 1-month period from 1 September 2021, Wednesday, 0000hrs (GMT +8) to 30 September 2021, Thursday, 2359hrs (GMT +8). This means you can clock the distance anywhere, any time, and submit them within this run period.
There are two run categories:
  1. YR Inspire (Run/walk/hike any distance in the shape of a Yellow Ribbon. You may submit as many Yellow Ribbon routes as you like.)
  2. YR Challenge (60km to be completed in 1 attempt or cumulatively with a maximum of 5 attempts. All attempts are to be in the shape of a Yellow Ribbon.)

The Yellow Ribbon Fund is the first national charitable fund that seeks to raise funds for programmes and services to rehabilitate and reintegrate ex-offenders back into society. It administers funding to the development and implementation of reintegration programmes to strengthen family ties of inmates and ex-offenders.

This year, we are encouraging all participants to run/walk/hike in the shape of a Yellow Ribbon as a pledge of support for the cause. For every Yellow Ribbon formed by registered runners, corporates who have committed to the Yellow Ribbon cause will be matching it with a $10 donation. Our aim is to raise $100,000 this year. Do note that while YR Inspire participants may run and upload as many submissions as you want, only a maximum of 5 submissions will be matched with donations. Successful completion of YR Challenge will also raise a total of $50 for the cause.

Our aim is to cover the entire Singapore with Yellow Ribbon routes to showcase societal support for second chances.

Remember, if you are going out for a run/walk/hike, please be socially responsible and follow the safe distancing guidelines:
  • Stay home during this period as far as possible to keep your family and friends safe. To participate in YRVR 2021, do head to a PCN or park that is in your neighbourhood without gathering in a group of more than 5.
  • Please visit https://safedistparks.nparks.gov.sg/ to check the Park Status or Visitor-ship Status of the parks before you head down to the venue. Please avoid crowded places and choose a time when there are fewer people at the venue of your choice.
  • You are encouraged to go home immediately after your run/walk/hike.
  • You may visit https://www.nparks.gov.sg/noticeboard for the latest guidelines.

Research has shown that when ex-offenders stay crime-free for more than 5 years, their chances of returning to prison will be significantly reduced.

Every km clocked to accomplish 60km in the YR Challenge category represents a step closer towards a more inclusive society and represents your support for ex-offenders to stay on track towards their successful reintegration.
Registration Questions

You can register for the run by clicking here. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your registered email (please check your spam folder if it does not appear in your inbox). If you do not hear from us within 1 working day, please contact us at [email protected].

There are 2 run categories for you to choose from:

The Run Entitlements can be found on the Run Details page. Please click here for more information.
Sign up with 4 other friends and be entitled to a group discount of $2 per pax!
  1. Assign 1 of the 5 group members to be the “Leader of Group Sign-up”
  2. Once the “Leader of Group Sign-Up” registers and pays $65, he/she will generate a unique code for the rest of the 4 members.
  3. The other 4 members may now use the unique code and sign up as “Member of Existing Group”. No payment is required from the other 4 members.
Submissions will be verified on an individual basis. For example, if you have fulfilled the requirements of the run category that you have signed up for, you will receive the Completion e-badge and Completion e-certificate. If your group member did not complete the necessary requirements, he/she will receive the Participation e-badge and Participation e-certificate instead. We encourage all participants to fulfill the necessary requirements to show your support for second chances.
All participants below the age of 18 (as of 1 September 2021) are required to seek parental/guardian consent to participate in YRVR 2021. Relevant indemnity and declaration fields must be filled up at the point of registration – failing which, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse the registration entry of the participant.
You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration. Do contact us at [email protected] along with screenshots of your payment if you did not receive the confirmation email within 1 working day.
We accept payment by Credit Cards (i.e. VISA, MasterCard) or PayNow.
If you are unable to make payment or have a duplicate charge on your Credit Card, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.
All run entries are strictly non-refundable. The Organiser will review the need for an extension of submission period in the event of changes to Safe Management Measures.
Refunds and cancellations are strictly not allowed.
Registration entries are strictly non-transferable.
Yes, you can login to your account to make changes to some of your personal particulars such as mailing address and T-shirt size. We will only allow changes to the personal particulars until 15 September 2021.
Change of T-shirt sizes will only be allowed until 15 September 2021, 2359hrs, subject to availability. You may make the change by logging in to your account.
Changes of run categories are not allowed.
There is no GST on donations and registration fees.
Yes, you may take part in the run. Delivery of entitlements is free of charge within Singapore only. For delivery overseas, additional charges may apply.
Please note that each email address can only be used to register for the run once. To register another participant, you will have to use another email address to register.
Participation Questions
Please refer to the step-by-step guide for recording and submission of your runs here.

Any ribbon-shaped route with one loop and two ends will be considered as a successful entry.

For YR Inspire participants, you may submit as many Yellow Ribbon routes as you like. Do note that a maximum of five verified Yellow Ribbon routes will count towards fundraising (i.e. a YR Inspire participant may raise up to $50 for the cause).

For YR Challenge participants, you may complete the 60km mileage with up to 5 smaller Yellow Ribbon routes. Upon completion of 60km, you raise $50 for the cause.

You may plot your route by using PlotARoute or Google Maps prior to your run. For your safety, we recommend that you plot your route prior, to minimise referring to your mobile phone or running app during the run.
All runners are to submit their Yellow Ribbon routes during the period 1 September 2021, Wednesday, 0000hrs (GMT +8) to 30 September 2021, Thursday, 2359hrs (GMT +8).
Submissions can be deleted. Deleted submissions will be removed from your total distance tracker and the leaderboard. Please email us at [email protected] if you wish to do so.
You may check your total distance tracker on your profile page. Please click here for the leaderboard.

You may download and sign up for a free STRAVA account and sync it to the run website. Please refer to the step by step guide on how to sign up for a STRAVA account. Please note that we need to have the date/time, distance, duration, and route map of your running activities. For automatic syncing, your STRAVA account needs to be public.

We are sorry you cannot use a treadmill snapshot submission for this run.
We are sorry you cannot use a step tracker or pedometer submission for this run.
We are sorry you cannot use a snapshot of your smartwatch for an activity tracked as the smartwatch screens usually do not capture the route map. You can, however, take a snapshot of the mobile app or internet app version of the activity tracked using your smartwatch after you have synced the activity, which contains the date/time, distance, duration, and route map of your activity and submit the screenshot via manual submission.
You may check the necessary information by searching for your name or team name in the leaderboard here. The submissions that you have uploaded will be validated and updated to the leaderboard on a daily basis. You will have to sync your activities recorded on STRAVA to the run website for the data to be captured and uploaded. Please be reminded that your STRAVA account needs to be public in order for the data of your Yellow Ribbon route to be captured. If any submissions are not reflected after 3 working days, please email us at [email protected].
Every group member should record his/her own activities using a GPS-enabled app and upload the screenshots to his/her registered run accounts. The Organiser reserves the right to reject any screenshots that are duplicated submissions.
Please email us at [email protected] with your full name (as per NRIC), email address used during registration, and the last 4 digits of your NRIC/FIN, and your birthdate (in DDMMYYYY format) for assistance.
Participants who have completed the necessary requirements for YRVR 2021 will receive your run entitlements by end October 2021.
Completion / Participation e-certificate and e-badge will be made available for download at your profile page in October 2021.
All registered participants will receive the run entitlements e.g. t-shirt and crochet medal. Participants with verified and successful submissions will be awarded with the Completion e-badge and Completion e-certificate. Participants who did not complete the necessary requirements will receive the Participation e-badge and Participation e-certificate instead.
As you run your Yellow Ribbon routes this September, the YRibbon-o-Meter map will gradually light up to yellow according to the district you are registered under.
Health Advisory

We seek all participants’ assistance to abide by the Government advisory on COVID-19. Please stay at home and do not participate in YRVR 2021 if you're feeling unwell (i.e. fever, cough) and/or if a member of your household is pending COVID-19 swab test result and/or is issued with a Stay-Home Notice (SHN). All participants are to practise safe-distancing and wear a mask at all times prior to and after the run.

Participants may visit https://safedistparks.nparks.gov.sg/ to check the crowd level prior to your run/walk/hike.
Apart from COVID-19 advisory, participants are encouraged to calibrate your pace to your fitness level. Listen to your body and seek medical clearance/attention if necessary. Participants are also reminded of the importance of staying on designated running/walking/hiking paths, being well-hydrated and avoiding running during humid and/or harsh weather conditions.

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