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The road to reintegration is not easy and cannot be achieved alone. Many different individuals come on board to lend their helping hands at various junctures of an ex-offender’s reintegration journey.

This month, we learn more about how the various stakeholders contribute to the cause and pay tribute to their dedicated efforts in providing second chances for a more inclusive Singapore.

Episode 1: ​​The CARE Network

Successful reintegration is a collective effort from the society. CARE Network coordinates efforts by bringing key partners together in supporting and developing aftercare initiatives for ex-offenders. Join us in this pilot episode to learn more about the faces behind the CARE network.

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Episode 2: ​​The Desistor & The Halfway House

A crucial aspect of successful reintegration stems from the willpower of the individual to defy his/her odds, turn over a new leaf, and eventually pay it forward. This is made possible with Yellow Ribbon efforts in his/her rehabilitation journey, and more importantly, support from his/her family. Learn more about how Ms Norfalisa, recipient of the YRF STAR Bursary, got through the hurdle.

Transitional support for ex-offenders is also vital as they begin the first step of their reintegration journey. The steadfast partners from various Halfway Houses provide continued rehabilitation efforts in the aftercare sector and transform lives through compassion, empathy, and care. In this episode, we will also take a look at the Turning Point Halfway House, where Ms Violet Lim is a Social Work Associate, and learn more about what she does to support the residents’ reintegration journey.

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Episode 3: ​​The Employer & The Volunteer

In this episode, we take a look at how gainful employment acts as an important catalyst in ensuring successful reintegration. Through job retention and training, employers provide a second chance for ex-offenders to contribute to their families and the society. Listen to the stories of Ms Henrietta Maria Aservatam (Group Operations Manager of The Loco Group) and Mr Randy Torres (Group Executive Chef of The Loco Group) and find out how employers can provide a second chance to ex-offenders in reintegrating successfully.

Apart from employers, volunteers are also agents of change who serve as a pro-social influence in the lives of ex-offenders, guiding them through the ups and downs in their reintegration journey. Learn more about how a volunteer with the Yellow Ribbon Project contributes to the cause.

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Episode 4: ​​The Leaders of Singapore

Leaders in Singapore and the Whole-of-Government support efforts in the reintegration of ex-offenders in Singapore. The road to reintegration is not an easy one. It does not only rely on an individual, but the collective efforts of the society. Join Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Parliament, on his journey in supporting the Yellow Ribbon Project.

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